Terence Crawford and Brian McIntyre (Head Trainer/Manager) have created B&B Academy, located at 31st and Sprague Street, in the heart of North Omaha. It includes teaching youth from 8 years to 18 years the science of boxing and the associated conditioning that is required. The more talented youth compete as members of B&B Academy in local, regional, and national amateur boxing competitions. In between his own fights, Terence is very hands on with the instruction and coaching of these youth. B&B Academy focuses on maintaining high grade point averages to be able to compete and be a part of the program. It includes programs to work with the youth in their social and academic development as well. 

B&B Academy has obtained a 501(C)3 non-profit status. Terence Crawford and coaches with the B&B Academy have launched an “anti-bullying” tour called “Knock Out Bullying with Team Crawford.” This tour has presented positive messages to assemblies of students in the Omaha Public Schools, and has been met with great reviews. The message includes the importance of making good choices, working hard to accomplish one’s dreams, and an approach to making oneself “bully-proof.”


The importance of education is stressed by requiring each member to have their report cards and progress reports submitted so that the Academy’s staff understands what each member’s academic status and needs are. Tutors and other volunteers are recruited to assist children who are in need. Once a week, current members of the B&B Academy are required to attend social development presentations and workshops that are designed to assist them in making proper choices in their life. 

The boxing program at the Academy is second to none. Each of the coaches/trainers is very experienced in his field. All have mastered the art of scientifically breaking down the sport of boxing and communicating it to their students. In the few months of existence, the Academy has already produced local, regional, and national champions that represent B&B Academy. There is no doubt that some of these boxers will eventually represent the USA in international and Olympic competition.